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TRUMPET 1 - Terry Gregson


Terry Gregson is the owner/operator of G&G Music in Maple Ridge. He has a degree in music, is certified in band instrument repairs and piano tuning/repairs. He has taught music lessons since 1977 in private studios, high schools and community bands. He has been a professional performer since the age of 19 and continues to play in 9 bands. Terry often teaches clinics at schools throughout Vancouver and the lower mainland. He has studied at the Vancouver Academy as well as with Robert Jordan, Bruce Clausen, Bob Day, Hemme Luttjeboer and Len Whitely, to name a few. Terry joined FAT Jazz in 1992.

Terry plays on a LeBlanc trumpet with a 3c mouthpiece.

TRUMPET 2 - Ron Davis


Ron Davis retired from secondary music teaching in 2017, after 38 years in 4 different schools. Over this span of time, he taught Concert Band, Concert Choir, Jazz Band, Vocal Jazz, Guitar, and Vocals/Pit Band for musicals. Ron has enjoyed playing 2nd Trumpet in FAT Jazz for over 15 years! Besides his love of music, he enjoys playing several sports, biking, canoeing, and hanging out with his family!

Ron plays on a Yamaha YTR-6345 HS trumpet with a Denis Wick #5 mouthpiece.

TRUMPET 3 - Steve Torok


Steve has been playing the trumpet for 49 years now and has graced many a band with his talents. He has played with FAT Jazz on and off for years before finally coming back full time in 2023. We expect Steve to be active in the music scene for many years to come playing with community groups, musicals and various shows, and are delighted to have him in FAT Jazz for our 2023-2024 season.

Steve plays on a Severinsen/Akright Bel Canto Model 54 silver trumpet with a gold-plated Marcinkiewicz 7c mouthpiece with tone intensifier.

TRUMPET 4 - Greg Gerke


Greg Gerke started playing the trumpet around Grade 6, and continued to play through to graduation and had many fond memories of playing in the jazz bands and school musicals. He put down the instrument for a few years while building up his career. Greg decided to being playing again and bought a new trumpet in 2006. A few months later, he was searching the web for big bands and came across FAT Jazz. The timing worked out great as a chair just opened up, so after attending a rehearsal, he has been with the band ever since! Locally, Greg has played with the Inlet Band and Bruce James Orchestra.

Greg plays on a Classic French Besson Trumpet with a Wedge B3C mouthpiece.

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